Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Forgotten Art of Heldagorso

Karmen Traditional A-Z Dictionary

Heldagorso (Hel - duh - gorsoh) - A truly miraculous and mysterious ancient art mainly practiced by Greeks. All records of more information about it have been destroyed.

Until now... First, let's show you all the other records.

Heldagorso for Beginners:

Heldagorso is an art practiced by ancient Greeks. Now here's how to start (all other pages ripped out)

Heldagorso: A History

Heldagorso. To begin (all other words crossed out)

Heldagorso: A Greek Art

Heldagorso: a truly interesting -
(pages all covered in mud)

So you get the general idea. Most of the practicers of Heldagorso were killed in various/some war(s) or died without passing it on. It wasn't treated like witchcraft, but like a science. The last rag-tag record found is in Fernidad's Accountance of Amazing Articles, not Ripley's. Heladagorso was began with a human or animal sacrifice depending on the area and humane conditions. After the sacrifice ritual, the body would be disposed in different ways ex. thrown in a volcano, sent out to sea in a boat, buried, put on a tree for the vultures to eat it, etc. The practicers would then wear special makeup and dance in front of a fire. Cults practice it, clans used to, but we barely know of it. All further records are destroyed. We will now step into the lives of those who devoted themselves to knowledge, to science, to magic and to Heldagorso.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Last Battle

In the year 2500 humans solved most of their problems, including global warming. They made peace, banned weapons and stopped wars. However, an expirement gone wrong, one dozen superintelligent humanoids went out into the world causing evil. At first it was a minor problem, but later on they built vast armies with weapons of mass destruction. A small number of humans were sent in some Grand Skyler Delta IV Deluxe, heavily armored space cruisers equipped with incredible weapons of enormous multi-devastation.

A meeting was held in Geldens City, the capital of the world, on October 10, 2511, attended by world leaders to decide how to respond to the crisis. It was voted that the humans would fight against this robot menace, and the World-Wide Human Survival Army (WWHSA) fought a long, bitter war against the machines. After ten years of fighting, and a disastrous campaign at Bell Hewer, the machines had the advantage, and defeat for the humans was inevitable. On July 23, 2522, the Second World Meeting for Human Survival was held in Fernswerth, Switzerland, for Geldens City was under siege. In a daring move, they decided to send five Grand Skyler space cruisers to the besieged city of Geldens and bring aid to the citizens. The plan was approved on August 2, and preparations were made for the plan to be carried through. On November 17 at 3:22 the Grand Skylars set out from Nirvine, Germany on their rescue mission. They arrived in Geldens City at 5:13 and the plan went into action. At 5:55, the machines had penetrated the Eastern Wall of Gelden, and stormed into the city, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. By this point only one of the five Grand Skylars had been loaded, and they had to act quickly. In an act of desperation, the WWHSA took a last stand at Geldens City.

As civilians rushed into the Grand Skylars, the WWHSA formed a tight circle around the Grand Skylars. World leaders realized that this would be another evacuation, and Geldens City would have to fall. Five million WWHSA had arrived in the Grand Skylars, and Geldens City had another twenty million inhabitants. In an act of desperation, the Lieutenant General of the WWHSA gave permission for "I SPY" the notorious folder containing the US's top secret Operation Filter to be declassified and viewed by the members of the Second World Meeting for Human Survival. The operation contained suspicion gathered by discreet US studies of the existence of IBELs, or Intelligent Biological Extra-terrestrial Life. In other words, aliens. Needless to say, the leaders were shocked, and angered that this had been kept secret as long as it was. After the Battle of Jiynsaw, the WWHSA toyed with the idea of developing a human colony on Mars or the Moon. This idea became the tragic, short-lived Operation New Leaf. Now, as the WWHSA were desperately fighting for the lives of the Geldens City citizens trying to arrive safely on the Grand Skylars, the leaders made a dangerous decision. The Lieutenant General's voice was broadcast through the enormous Grand Skylars. "Lisen carefully, a ll WWHSA personnel." his voice crooned. "This is for you."

It was decided representatives from humanity would beg help from possible alien entities whose existence were questioned as well as classified

Their designated first stop was Mars. The centuries of slowly building a cautious and delicate, over-prepared flight test to the Red Planet were arrogantly shunnned and forgotten. They arrived at Mars, and at first, drew the conclusion it was lifeless. However, using drilling technology, they dug to Martian cities, a few even on the surface. The Martians had advanced technology, more than the humans. All the Martians were found dead. What caused their extinction? Were there any survivors? The humans thought about these deep burning questions until they realized a further study was needed. Until then, they'd have to keep looking. The humans sent a scout to Venus and continued on their journey.

The humans waited for the scout to come. After a while, still no scout. The humans' fleet continued into deep space. On Mercury, AI (Artificial Intelligence) was the only thing that existed. Perhaps only AI existed freom the start? Or maybe Mercurian creatures built the AI. So many secrets, so little time. Neptune-dwellers were vicious creatures. Colonel J.H. Gerla, Admiral Herman Gills and Troop 19283, the stowaway, were killed. The remaining humans used a variety of weapons to destroy them. A meaningless fight erupted, and more deaths came abound. Commander Science, the riffraff leader of the fleet, proposed a battle. The creatures, nicknamed "XLR"s by the men, were often electrocuted in the power systems of Cruisers. Using a 19th century pistol, Science was able to blast at least 6 XLRs apart. The humans waged war on the creatures, but that's a different story.

A few humans were left on Neptune to fight. Realizing Jupiter could hold life, they examined it. The Jupiterians were in their Dark Ages. They were savages, primitive subhumans. They attacked the Earth dwellers with spears, knives and arrows. The humans began to fight, but realized it was not worth fighting an entire war over an extremely primitive race. The humans then ventured to Pluto. The Plutomittes were friendly. They had up-and-up technology and supplied the humans with medical care, weapons and other supplies after hearing their story.
However, they weren't warriors and couldn't help in the battlefield.

The Venusians were the only hope for the humans, but were shrouded by mystery. The scout didn't contact the humans yet and didn't come back. Were the Venusians friendly or not? First the humans decided to visit Uranus. The Uranus-residers were advanced but attacked the humans. The humans fought back and, with casualties on both sides, won. The Uranus-residers were forced to care for the injured humans and provide weapons and other supplies. The humans then decided to visit the Venusian, whatever the risk.

The Venusians turned out to be friendly and denied ever seeing another human. The humans found the scout being devoured by a Gargantula X Black Widow spider! The managed to stun the spider and save the scout, but he was in a coma. The Venusians admitted they kept very dangerous man-eating "pets" around. It was too risky to keep exploring. The Venusians agreed to help and come back to Earth with the humans. The Saturn natives were the last people to check. They were friendly and agreed to send soldiers to help the humans.

The earthlings along with the reinforcements were heading home when they realized there was a barrier of ships surrounding Earth. Oh no! A blockade! The Saturnian and Venusian ship opened fire and a battle began. Some ships from the barrier went down and gave the humans and company an opportunity to go through the barrier. Some ships remained behind to fight. The ships heading toward Earth realized they were being followed by the humanoids. They sped faster and faster towards their planet. The Venusian, Saturnian and human ships crash-landed in a wide forest, with all the trees having strange growths. All was silent. Suddenly, a volley of lasers echoed out and the group instinctively took cover. Some of their comrades falling, the newcomers recognized the hail of lasers as coming from a small machine gun turret on a tree. All in a flash, they noticed that all the weird growths were machine gun turrets. In addition, the trees were disguised turrets. Nodding to the biological extra-terrestrials, the humans and the BEs let loose a shower of heavy fire. Most of the turrets and machine gun nests were blown apart. The humans and aliens ran from the forest, some falling in the crossfire that followed. Once at a small town, the humans realized what damage the robots had made. The houses were destroyed, the barns burned. Luckily the animals that couldn't be brought had triggered a certain fear in the robots, the diversion through which they managed to escape to wild parts of the earth where no robot would dare tread. The humans and aliens stormed the village, had shootouts with the robots and freed enslaved humans (not all humans could fit on a couple of Delta Cruisers.) It was tough battle, but only one of the many to be fought to defeat the humanoid menace...

The rebels camped out in the woods, the only safe place. The refugees had come with them, bringing all possible weapons. There were blasters, shotguns, spades and golf clubs lined up in cased the group might need them. The aliens stood ready with their advanced weaponry and the humans were examining and modifying the Plutonian arms. It was a night of alertness and reluctance. Nobody got any sleep. They were too nervous, too anxious. For it had all been planned out. A city was nearby, now probably controlled by the vicious humanoids. Upon a scout's arrival, they discovered the robots had built even more Artificial soldiers, not all of them as close to human as the Originals were.

Storming the city would be a tough job, and one or two casualties could not be avoided. But if victory was reached, they would have more soldiers and hopefully, arms. They only could hope that the disgustingly savage Originals did not kill out or brainwash the population, for that would deeply interfere with their plans... As humans had developed, they decided to put aside their differences and live as one world, instead of as hundreds of divided countries. The capital was chosen to be what was once the tip of North America, now barely comparable to the present global positioning of the continents. Once there, they would have a stronghold, though not enough to get back their dominant position immediately. Once said task was completed, the remaining reinforcements could arrive... hopefully in one piece. Then, Operation Gradual Spread would begin. It would take generations to re-capture Earth, but they would do it.

The next morning, they raided the town. Recruiting the human slaves to their side was not easy. Some would fall in the crossfire or get shot down while running to their side. Slowly, the casualties were rising and the humans and aliens had to surrender. They were thrown in prison, to await thrallship and unspeakable torture. But they had had a plan. One alien had concealed a blaster in his robes and destroyed the auto-lock, escaping from his cell. But wouldn't the guard see him? They managed to contact the humans and aliens that stayed at camp in the woods. They would attack the town, distracting all the robots. So, the alien freed all the prisoners, and they grabbed their weapons and attacked the robots. Whenever a robot fell, someone would run up, steal its weapon, and blast five more with it. Robots were sliced, shot, clubbed and electrocuted. Eventually the town was clear of robots. Burying their dead back at camp, the humans and aliens gathered their new weapons and troops and got ready to march on to the next battle site.

Meanwhile, in space, the battle was tough. The Cruisers had been firing torpedoes at the cyborg ships for hours. A swift but powerful super-advanced cyborg ship, Decimator, was taking down many human and alien ships. The blockade was weakening, but new ships were taking off from Earth. The humans decided to send out the I.N.F.I.L.T.R.A.T.O.R.S or the Ion-driven Nuclear Fortifying Invaluable Large Tarantula Robotic Appliance Tackling Owens Reconaissance Ships, which basically were like escape pods with a spider-like body that attached to ships and destroyed them. They sent out sixteen I.N.F.I.L.T.R.A.T.O.R.S to attack the robot ships. Two were captured using tractor beam and had to self-destruct, destroying the ships. Four attached themselves to the ships and sent proton missles to the power core, destroying the ship. Two targeted the ships power engines and shut them down, trapping the robots. Four shot down the ships with missles. Four actually sent the crew inside the robot ship to take it down. This battle was going well for the humans.