Friday, June 12, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

One crisp autumn afternoon, I wandered over to the woods. It was chilly and the air was fresh as a December morning. In the air hung the heavy scent of sap. Chipmunks and squirrels rustled in the bushes. The trees displayed marvelous crumson red, golden yellow and mellow orange leaves, a beautiful site. I aimlessly hiked the dirt path, the dry leaves crumbling under my feet. I heard a gushing, flowing soyund and spied a babbling brook. A tiny, wooden footbridge provided access to the other side. I traced the brook's beginning to a roaring waterfall, one of the most natural and serene scenes. Its beauty awed me and, for a moment, I stood perplexed by this magnificent natural wonder.

I then walked past the charming footbridge to a region of the forest greatly made up of by pine trees. Their needles jutted out everywhere, the organic carrying-case cones littered the ground. The samll of sap was unmistakably recognizable here. Every few paces, I would see a flawless nest, every twig stable. The forest was buzzing qith acticity, the samll creatures scampering to find and store food, never resting. A stampede of little feer echoed across the forest.

to be continued

Friday, June 5, 2009

And That's How it Happened (not)

Ever wondered how a certain invention was made? Well, you WON'T find the answer here!

ipod touch
So the dawn progressed and the aliens asked what fractions were. The man said, "I know not what you speak of. We are merely cavemen and have no such achievements!"* "Alright we will come back in a hundred thousand years." they said. Then they did but the Romans sacrificed them to the lions. “Okay, lets make sure NOT to come back here." they said. So in another hundred thousand years, they came to Roswell. But the US government said, "Oh if you wish to find what fractions are, never tell anyone of this incident and never come back. Travel to the Yeruit Star." "But, that is thrity billion million trillion thousand lightyears to the power of five billion away!" "That’s the price to pay for knowledge." "Ok thanks for telling us." "But, you must reward us for telling you." "What should we do?" "Give us your most advanced piece of technology!" "OK!" That is how the ipod touch came to be.

There was a British bloke. His name is unimportant. He had a friend named Wally, who held all his money for him. So when someone asked him where he kept his money, he said, "My Wally has it!" But that become inconvenient. So another bloke invented a leather pouch and said, "Its the pocket Wally!" and people began to just call it a Wally. But because of their British accents, everyone thought they were saying "wallet" so the entire world accepted that name, and even eventually the British. And that is how the wallet came to be.