Friday, October 22, 2010


Humans are a gift from the gods.
Humans are a plague upon this planet.
No species of animal has such strong love for each other.
No species of animal has such strong hatred for each other.
Man exhibits care and generosity.
Man exhibits selfishness and greed.
Man's help for the animals is not appreciated by them, but he does it anyway.
The animals never asked for help.
But they need it.
Because of the damage we have already done.
We work to save the Earth.
Save it from ourselves.
God loves all humans.
God is disappointed by all humans.
God sent us his only Son.
God sent a flood.
He showers us in gifts daily.
He smites us with natural disasters and disease hourly.
He chose to save Noah and his wife.
They represented the rare kind-hearted human.
He smite all of his creation, the animals and the Earth.
He could not smite humans by themselves, so they caused the downfall of the planet.
God did not totally eradicate humans, he left some alive.
He only left two alive, and left all animals alive.
He only left two of each animal, just as with the humans.
Two isn't enough to begin a population anew.
He left a male and female so the world could begin once more.
What about Sodom and Gomorrah?
Those humans were wicked and were smitten.
Those humans had healthy sexual desires.
Such desires were wicked, therefore they were killed.
Such desires were human nature, therefore human nature is wicked.
No, God put humans on this world for a reason.
And tried to take them off for a completely different reason.
Humans are the helpers of the Earth.
Humans are the destroyers of the Earth.
They bring peace and joy.
They bring hatred and fear.
Our skyscrapers tower up, and we make things this world has never seen before and Nature could never craft.
Our factories pollute the air, and we make things this world has never seen before and Nature would never want to craft.
By nature, humans are good, and should be praised.
By definition, humans are evil and should be punished.
Do not generalize all humans as wicked.
Do not glorify all humans as good.
Humans come from evolution, which is a natural process, therefore come from Nature.
But we are destroying Nature and going against it, therefore humans are no longer part of Nature.
The day Humanity is rewarded
The day Humanity dies
...will be a great day.
...will be a great day.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


The apothecary was reading in his study when he found an interesting word in an interesting sentence in an interesting chapter in an interesting book. He called the two brothers, who were sheepherders, and showed them the interesting word in the interesting sentence in the interesting chapter in the interesting book. The brothers were intrigued by the word, and snatched the book out of the apothecary's hands. They leaped upon their horses, Dim and Dimmer, and rode to the Judge. The apothecary, on his donkey Prudence, arrived exactly ten minutes after they did. The brothers told the Judge the apothecary should not be reading that interesting word in that interesting sentence in that interesting chapter in that interesting book, and the book should be banned. The Judge examined the word, then turned to his yellow canary Advisor, and after five minutes of silent debate, he revealed his verdict. The Judge ruled that the apothecary could read the book and the interesting word in the interesting sentence in the interesting chapter in the interesting book was fine. The brothers shrugged their shoulders and rode Dim and Dimmer back to the fields, and the apothecary thanked the Judge and rode Prudence back to his house, and arrived exactly ten minutes after they did.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Faerie Tales

"Please, just one more story?" the baby daphne bush begged her mother. "Alright," said the mother daphne bush. "Just one. What kind of story would you like to hear?" "I don't know," shrugged the baby daphne bush. "Make something up." "Okay," said the mother daphne bush hesitantly, "I'll try. Once upon a time, the evil humans were up to no good, going about cutting down trees and destroying the environment. Then, one day, a scourge came and wiped out all the humans. They all died, there were none left! This restored Nature to its original balance and the horrific things the humans had built fell into disrepair as plants began growing and Nature took back what was rightfully hers. And the animals came back too, and they all lived happily ever after." The baby daphne bush stood silent for a moment before asking, "Mommy, could that ever happen in real life?" The mother daphne bush leaned closer and whispered, "It's just a fairy tale, sweetie. It's too good to be true. But we can always hope, and if you believe with all your heart, it might just happen. Good night, baby." "Good night, Mommy."


The religious man is a fool.
The atheist is a pessimist.
You have no reason.
You have no faith.
You lack common sense.
You lack imagination.
I use Science.
I use belief.
There never was a god, is no god, and there never will be.
There was always a god, is a god, and always will be.
What in the Universe proves there is a God?
The existence of the Universe.
Evolution began it all.
What began evolution?
Life began evolution.
What began life?
The Big Bang began life.
What began the Big Bang?
Energy began the Big Bang.
What began energy?
Energy is always there, it cannot be destroyed.
Energy was not always there, it had to be created.
Time has an end, but no beginning.
Time has a beginning, but no end.
First was the Big Bang.
First was God.
Judgment Day.
The Universe is random, governed only by nature.
The Universe is like clockwork, governed only by God.
How can there be a God?
How can there not be a God?
There is evil.
But there is good.
There is famine.
But there is surplus.
There is death.
But there is life.
The Universe came from the Void.
The Universe came from God.
There could not be God, there was the Void.
There could not be a Void, there was God.
He is nowhere.
He is omnipresent.
There is no God on Earth.
God is among us.
There is no God in the cosmos.
God begot the cosmos.
There will be an End.
God will see us through the End.
Many do not believe.
They have not seen the light.
Then I'd rather remain blind.
Its brilliance will overpower you.
I do not wish to be overpowered.
You will go to Hell.
I will go nowhere.
Nowhere you wish to be.
No fantasy land of flames will engulf me.
The Lord our God will smite thee.
Then let me be smitten.
You shall be smitten.
The only love is human.
The strongest love is of God.
God was born of men's minds, a ruse to invest the power in a greedy few we call "the Church."
Men and their minds were born of God, and he is the ultimate power and controls the Church.
Where is he when the guilty go free?
He is with the innocent who suffer.
Where is he when thieves plunder and rob?
He is with those who have been robbed.
Where is he to smite those who murder and kill?
He is with the families of the dead.
Where is he when children cry?
He is at their sides.
How can you continue to believe such lunacy?
How can you continue not to?

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Lost Message

“Are you sure the source is reliable?” Vodon pondered.

Garna glared angrily at him and replied, “How should we know? All we know is that it is the only source we have. How do you intend to test its reliability?”

“Never mind.” Vodon replied coldly.

“But really, Vodon, we are pushing the proverbial envelope here, hoping for success with this one fragment of a clue.”

“I just expected him to still be alive. A man who can survive in a climate as extreme as his should be able to survive anything.”

“Vodon, there is no way to date that letter. The man could have died eons ago! Let's just stick to the facts. We know that the letter is simple and informal. We were able to decode most of it, and a very vague location was mentioned. Going over the general area with our ships, we found absolutely no signs of intelligent life whatsoever. No thermal scans, no buildings, nothing. We could not find a single trace of this amazingly industrious factory with its specialized and strange workers. To meet the demands of a civilization as large as the human one may have been is simply... incomprehensible. The catastrophe that destroyed this planet, the scant ruins... nothing could have survived, Vodon. And for anyone to live in that frozen wasteland is simply impossible. You know humans' low tolerance for the elements.”

Vodon looked away, shoulders lowered in defeat. “But don't you recall the one phrase that perplexed our computer? The one phrase we could not decode?”

“The artifact was full of meaningless markings. To use just one of many to your defense is illogical and foolish.” Garna replied in an annoyed tone.

“That is true, Garna, but this one phrase caught my interest, ignited my curiosity.” Vodon pushed on. “I had the phrase copied onto a tablet. Here, see for yourself.”

Vodon handed Garna a tablet with strange markings on them, the likes of which neither could ever decode. The tablet read:

Dear Santa claus,