Friday, September 2, 2011

Camera Obscura

Door closes on us
Absolute dark
Visibility zero
Look around for the usual tangibles
Floors, walls, ceiling
No luck
Darkness obscures all
We are standing on something
Or so we think

That's something
Look on the wall
Or where the wall would be
A column of light is coming into view
See the peephole
Shooting a thin ray of sunlight
Streaming a visual into our dimension of dark
Not tangible, but visible
Traveling fast
As fast as the gravity with anchors us
Firmly to the would-be floor
Faster than sound
Faster than the silence which permeates our anxious ranks
As a drop of poison diffuses
Into a glass of water
Only stronger

Beamed into the dark
Are a thick cluster of photons
Sent racing down from Sol
At an astonishingly rapid velocity
A journey of but eight minutes
Some reflected, some absorbed
By the objects they strike
Unceremoniously snatched up
By the hungry peephole
Siphoned into the swirling vortex of darkness
Stripped of their color, and flung against the wall

Our retinas take it in
Pupils expand unknowingly
To take in as much light as possible
Abstract clusters of photons assemble
Our minds suddenly see shapes, forms
Become trees, people
As the photon cars creep
Across the screen
So do the cars outside
Is it hard to take in?
A new world's genesis in the dark
Created by the lens
By the darkness
Then the door opens
The light charges in like a savage Mongol horde
Drives out the darkness
Frees the photons on the wall
Will we now weep over the lost city?

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