Sunday, August 14, 2011



It's so empty since you left
It's so cold since your soul departed
The terrestrial Earth
You left this dimension
For an imperceptible one
As I warm my feet, lost
My heart grows cold
On a highway to nowhere
The divine music pounds into my head
Coolly engulfs my mind
Sits in the pool of sound
Its drug and sustenance
My being stares into the abyss
And the abyss stares back into my being
And we share a silent moment

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Static on the Radar

Voices resound from the pottery
Taste of abstract
Words mesh into one another
Meaningless, indecipherable vocalizations
Pitch bends
Tune is funneled
Melody is malleable; molds at our fingertips
Vibrations hold no meaning
Chants fill the room
Pollute the air
Voice in a pot
You are not real
If we ignore the wires
They are indeed disembodied voices
If you track the origin, it disappears into the mist
Fades into the ether
For the first time, words are stout
Cave of souls?
No, spirits
No, voices
Cave of voices
Singing, chanting, counting
Time refuses to stop passing
Wires carry voices
Funnel into our ears
Pierce skull
Invade mind


Why use a question mark for your identity?
Why a faceless mask?
Why not?
Firstly, all answers arise by questions
Curiosity is the key to the Universe
We must learn to question
Always question
If the answer is insufficient, take it with grain of salt
And question again
Keep questioning, for as we know
Every question has an answer
Every question deserves an answer
And no question can be silenced
My favorite comic heroes asked questions
No capes; no powers
Only truth, only questions
Question battled corruption
Wore a faceless mask
Never quite won, but no one does

The Guy Fawkes mask is white
Almost faceless
It stands for truth, for heroism through anonymity
It has become the symbol for anonymity
Not necessarily secrecy; but anonymity
It is the face of Anonymous
Used by myself, as well
For sometimes one feels the need to be anonymous
On the Internet, all are anonymous
Unless they choose otherwise
Which is why I don't like it when Apple collects users' locations
Or when news corporations begin hacking into private phones
Or when our government does both of these
To its own people

I can be myself
Around family and friends
And the absence of the smile
Does not necessarily mean unhappiness
Perhaps only concealed contentedness
I do not wear my mask of anonymity
To conduct illegal activity
Or because I am sad
Or angry
Or angstful
Or shameful
I do it because I can
And I do it for myself

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Many Shades of the Color Me

I am the color blue. Every shade of blue has its own interpretation, conveys different feelings unto the beholder. Sometimes, blue can be thick and dark, wrapped up, almost buried in its own thoughts. Its exterior reveals nothing about it more than the dark blue wants to; only reveals that the blue is deep in thought. It almost projects a sort of shield to prevent curious onlookers from piercing its shell, from sifting through its thoughts and feelings.

At other times, blue is light, both in hue as well as in soul. Blue is lighthearted, joyful and enjoying the more humorous extremes of life. This shade of blue does not necessarily project each of its observations to the scrutinizing light of reason; rather it sees all things through its own filter, one of mirth and laughter and sensing the more ridiculous side of all things in life. This blue can spot the absurd in any situation, even when it is not there, and counters unfamiliar things with laughter.

And sometimes, blue is dark and brooding. It sees everything through a pessimistic point of view. It sees only the flaws and hypocrisy in people. It is so blinded by the pessimism it cannot see the march of progress, only the winds of conflict slowing it. It cannot see the better good in people, or a greater power whose intentions are good. Through a lens of this shade of blue, everything seems heavy and dark, there are no good people and it is easier to close your eyes, then watch the dark reality.