Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chasing Time

Watching time
Crawling by
Ticking past
Watch it fly

Out the door
Down the hall
Stumble now
Hear it fall

Starts up now
Out the back
Catch it in
This old sack

Ran away
Out of luck
Round the bend
Quick, now duck!

Phooey we
Lost its trial
Over there,
There's its tail!

Day's over
It's nearly ten
Time has won
Once again

Knowledge is Yours

The knowledge is there
You can take it or leave it
You can use it or lose it
Believe me, I don't care

I have my advice
You can judge it yourself
You can improve your health
You can ignore it completely
Destroy it entirely
For once I give it to you
It'll always be there

You can ignore it or take it
Destroy it or make it
Into something to use
Or a thing to abuse
Believe me, dear
I really just don't care